The BIG Give

Portico Kiddos, for the month of December, is focusing on The BIG Give which teaches that we were each given Christ.  In response to this amazing gift, we are to meet the needs of others (compassion).

One of my  (Toni Baggiano-Wilson) friend’s from college, Tom Riley, is serving as a Chaplain in Afganistan.  He emailed asking if our church could help the soldiers out by sending the following items for him to distribute. It would be great if Portico Church could help!  Here are the suggested items:

Foot Powder (Gold Bond Extra Strength)
Body wash (primarily for men, so no scenty smells)
Deodorant (NOT ANTIPERSPIRANT!) they need to perspire.
Qtips (for hygiene and cleaning guns)
Insoles (the type that can be cut to fit shoes)
Stereo Earbuds (these are always in demand and keep getting destroyed)
Dental flossers
Under Armour Socks (wick away moisture)
Anti fungal foot spray (they spray in their boots each night)
Baby wipes/ Wet Ones- Anti- bacterial
Magazines – Auto Trend, Auto mags, Hockey mags, sports mags, etc.
Sudoku, Crosswords, Brainteasers
Beef Jerky
Crystal Light single flavor packets. Great for the canteens

A collection box will be located in the Lobby on Sunday nights until Sunday, December 16th!


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