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Palace Gallery

“Christmas Gifts” is a show filled with wonderful art that can double as a Christmas present for loved ones. We will also be having a Palace Gives Section, jewelry, shoes and more will be on sale for a great cause. Please come and bring the family!

The Palace Gallery
Thursday, Dec 6



Kids of all ages are invited to join in a little Christmas fun for pizza, cookie decorating and a movie!  Parents…have a night to prepare for the holidays or just relax!

Sign up in the Kiddos Lobby Sunday nights by December 9th.



Join us on Saturday, December the 8th for 2 Christmas classics on the big screen in Downtown West Monroe! Free popcorn and hot chocolate.  Hope to see you there!

December 8 at 5:30pm
Antique Alley in West Monroe, Louisiana


Join us tomorrow night at our November UNVEILED.  Come see what God has in store for us, as well as be a part of helping us improve UNVEILED in 2013!

Tuesday, Nov 27
7pm/The Palace

Christmas Time’s A-Comin’

Ready or not, the Christmas Season is here.  I am always struck by how dramatically paradoxical this time of year is.  For many people, it’s an outrageously joyous time as homes are filled with the laughter of family and friends while the smells of favorite seasonal dishes drift from the kitchen.  For others, however, the season is filled with a sense of loss or loneliness.  On top of that, there’s the stress that can result from over-going and over-spending during the Christmas Season.  So, as I said, this time of year is quite a paradox in terms how we each experience it.

At its essence, of course, Christmas really isn’t about the giving, the going, or even family and friends.  It is about the fact that the one true God chose to live among us.  The baby born in Bethlehem was (and is) the Most High God!  That fact requires (actually, demands) a response.  That thought has led to how we are going to approach the Christmas Season as Portico Church gathers for the next few weeks.  The theme will be “Living in Response.”  Each Sunday we will consider an appropriate response to the true story of Christmas.  Additionally, we will be observing Advent….at least, our version of Advent.  

Tonight the response we will consider is “Anticipation.”  I encourage you to spend some time with God before we gather tonight.  Ask Him to build anticipation within you.  I don’t mean an anticipation of the gathering, of course.  Rather, and anticipation of what God may teach you tonight or what God might do among us tonight.  Here’s the thing, if the Christmas story is about an ordinary baby being born, there really isn’t much to anticipate.  But, if the story really is about Emmanuel (God with us) then a response is required.  Let’s anticipate!


God, You Are Faithful!

Thanksgiving Day has arrived and with it a host of things are happening.  In many kitchens across our country, loving moms are working hard to prepare the perfect lunch for their families.  Friends and families are gathering for, perhaps, the first time since last Thanksgiving.  Macy’s is preparing to begin it’s famous parade to kick off the season of unrestrained consumerism.  Businesses are, for the most part, closed as everywhere people are reminded to be thankful.

Paul, instructed us to “be thankful in all things.” (1 Thes. 5:18)  I suspect all of us find ourselves in one of three situations, this Thanksgiving morn, as we attempt to make sense of that verse.

In the first situation, our life could not be better.  We couldn’t think of a difficulty in life even if we were challenged to do so.  Giving thanks is pretty easy in that situation though, ironically, the better life is the less likely we seem to be thankful.

In the second situation, our life has some challenges but, on balance, things are pretty good.  It’s like we are keeping score with the good parts of life being worth plus one point and the tough parts of life being worth minus one point.  And, as we tally the score, we realize we are in the positive.  So, while things certainly could be better, we realize there is lots for which we can be thankful.

There is a problem with the second scenario.  Namely, what happens when the score card puts us in the negative?  In other words, what happens when the scope of life’s tragedies is so immense that the bad outweighs the good?  

That brings us to the third situation. What about when a routine visit to the doctor changes our life forever?  What about when the phone rings and the news is so devastating that we don’t think we can keep going?  What happens when someone we love says something so hurtful to us that we can’t even seem to breathe? How in the world are we supposed to be thankful then?!?

Go back to the verse and notice that Paul did not say “be thankful for all things.”  He said, “be thankful in all things.  Only a severely demented person is thankful for life’s tragedies.  That isn’t what Paul is telling us to do.  Rather, he is saying that we can be thankful in spite of life’s tragedies.  A great question would be, “How?”  The answer to that question is that while I can’t be thankful for all of life’s circumstances (and God doesn’t expect me to be!), I can be thankful for the God who is ever-faithful regardless of life’s circumstances.  Matt Redman has already said it much better than I ever could in his song, Never Once.

Standing on this mountaintop
Looking just how far we’ve come
Knowing that for every step
You were with us

Kneeling on this battle ground
Seeing just how much You’ve done
Knowing every victory
Was Your power in us

Scars and struggles on the way
But with joy our hearts can say
Yes, our hearts can say

Never once did we ever walk alone
Never once did You leave us on our own
You are faithful, God, You are faithful

How can I be thankful when life is really hard?  Because it’s not life’s tragic circumstances for which I am required to be thankful.  Rather, I can be thankful that never, not one solitary time, have I ever walked alone.  I can be thankful that never, not even when I felt otherwise, did God leave me on my own. God, You are faithful!  And, in response, I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Participation in Advent is about celebrating Christ’s Arrival (His First Advent) and remembering and meditating on how his arrival here has influenced our life.  Additionally, we are anticipating his Second Advent.  These remembrances on the past and the future arrivals of Jesus provide a rationale for understanding that we live in the “in between times.”  In these in between times, our holy living, our Kingdom ethics, our love for one another all reflect His glory, His light.  In 2 Cor 4 we read  “For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness’, made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.”  So we are just these little jars carrying around a treasure, God’s Light.

This Sunday we will be singing a new song that well reflects this thought.  The song is by Jesus Culture and is called Father of Lights.  Check it out here.



Thanksgiving Potluck

When:  November 18, 2012 @ 6PM

Where:  The Palace

Why:  Ummm….you’re kidding, right?


Christmas Window Display

Christmas Window Display Preparation
The Creative Team has created a great concept for our upcoming Christmas window display, but we are looking for a few extra hands to help get the pieces ready.  And you don’t even have to feel creative to help!

Two opportunities this week:
1. Following tonight’s Hub meeting, we need hands to help for about 20 minutes.  There are 500 pieces of beveled glass in the building across the street from the Palace that need to be moved to the Palace.
2. Wednesday night from 6:30-8pm in The Palace Lobby. We need to wipe down and clean all that glass.  Plus, there are a couple of other projects small projects that we could use a hand with at the same time.
If you can help, just show up! Contact Philip Haley, Dustin Ratcliff, or Libby Gifford for questions.


Come be a part of the energetic movement that is The Hub. See what happens when folks gather in the same place for an intense purpose. You did not know this much could get done in such a short time!

Your voice is needed in:
*Syncing Calendar of Events & Activities
*Discussing Triumphs and God’s Workings
*Troubleshooting current needs
*Catching the Vision from the Elders
*Praying for the Kingdom Work

Children are welcome, but no formal childcare will be provided.

Any items that you would like to see addressed and added to the agenda should be submitted to Chris Ramsey by November 9.