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Wanna catch a movie?

248053_558187180871220_131667505_nI love movies. I always have.

I have an inordinate amount of movie quotes bouncing around in my head at any given time. That could be part of the reason that Downtown Cinema is so important to me. The premise is simple: we show a movie for free on a huge outdoor screen, offer free popcorn and water, invite the whole town and see who shows up. This event has grown so much over the last 5 years that it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. At any given showing, we have between 150 and 200 people. We have over 850 “likes” on our Facebook page. Who are these people? I honestly don’t know most of them, but that’s the beauty of this whole thing. All kinds of people from all walks of life come to our Downtown Cinema showings and they really enjoy themselves. It’s still bizarre to me to look out onto lawn of the Palace Park an hour before showtime and see 100 people.

The Downtown Cinema team feels honored to play a s mall part in helping revitalize Downtown Monroe. These events are a huge opportunity for us to show our hospitality and care for the people of our community. They always come smiling and they always have questions: Who puts this on? What’s this building used for? Is this really free? You mean I can have all the popcorn I want? The opportunities for conversations are endless.

I encourage each member of our church community to make an effort to come see it for yourself and help us reach out. We’re not handing out tracts or even having deep conversations but you’d be surprised just how far a warm smile and welcome can go. So this Saturday, come for the movie, come for popcorn, but also come for the people. It’s crazy how something as simple as a movie can open so many doors.

~ Adam McDonald

Downtown Cinema presents: The Lion King
480211_571376216218983_445292834_nSaturday, June 29th 7:30pm (movie starts at dark)
 Bring your own seating
 Visit for more info.
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Downtown Cinema Presents: Field of Dreams

downtown cinema

Downtown Cinema is showing Field of Dreams. Free movie, free popcorn, free water on a huge outdoor screen.

Saturday, May 25th
The Palace Park
220 Desiard St
Downtown Monroe

Want to volunteer?  Contact Adam McDonald.

The Art and Music Campaign This Saturday

Seven is greater than one… The Portico body lives and breathes this. We are a church outside of the walls. Seven days a week. But the walls are there. And those walls, The Palace, are beginning to breathe the same air as the church that it hosts. Saturday night weddings. Thursday night art galleries. Monday business conferences. Friday dinner parties. Sunday meetings and Sunday night worship. Wednesday corporate events. Birthdays. Dance classes. Wedding and baby showers. Concerts. Movies. The Palace is alive and active.

This is our chance to give The Palace what it needs to support the life inside its walls and the downtown community that surrounds it. We were blessed to be able to borrow the tech gear that we are currently using and we are grateful. And by purchasing new gear we are allowed to do a few things. We will be able to better do what we are already doing. We will be able to do even more. We will be able to return what was lent to us in good condition and in good faith. And the doors of creativity will swing wide open for music and art projects.

Come in support this Saturday. Bring your friends and let us show them a good time. Donate more if you are able. We are also in need of volunteers, so please text Melissa Roose at 318.348.4729

See you there!

~Jason Strader

The Palace Website

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 3.10.57 PM

Want to book The Palace for your next event or read about the history of the building?  The Palace now has a place of its own on the web.  Visit The Palace website and invite others to check it out for their rental needs.

Tonight: Palace Gallery Presents


In honor of Black History Month, Grambling State University Students will be showing at the Palace Gallery. These students capture and exemplify the great heritage and contribution African American Artist have made to the Arts over the years. Their works shows unique interpretations of life, culture, and their own experiences. In order to promote and honor the great things going on in our community, the Palace will be showing some of the Northeast Louisiana Delta African American Heritage Museum’s collections containing artifacts and works of Art from all over the delta regions. We are excited to host such a great establishment and their art. Please feel free to stop by, ask questions, appreciate and learn more about Northeast Louisiana Delta African American Heritage Museum.  Please join the Palace in celebrating the rich African American arts heritage in our area, Thursday February 7th, 5pm-9pm.

Students Showing:

·         Landis Anderson, a senior from New York City, is currently
pursuing a double major in Art and English at GSU.

·         Anjelica Hardy, a senior who lived in New Orleans before
being displaced by Katrina, is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts
with a concentration in Studio Art at GSU.

·         Mia Murray is from Los Angeles, California and is a senior
majoring in Art Education at GSU.

·         Lendell Roberts is a senior from Miami, FL and is pursuing a
B.A. in Art with concentration in Digital Art.

·         Jonathan Miles is a senior from Bastrop, Louisiana pursuing
a B. A. in Art with a concentration in Studio Art.

The Palace Gallery

The Palace Gallery will be showing the work of our very own Gary Ratcliff this Thursday evening during the Downtown Gallery Crawl.  As you may know Gary serves as Associate Professor of Art and Head of the ULM Division of Art. Gary teaches pottery and exhibits his work extensively in regional shows.  It’s an honor to have him as part of Portico Church and show his pottery at this week’s Art Crawl.

Gary will be giving an artist talk and demonstration at 7pm!  However, the crawl will last from 5-9pm, and there are 8 other galleries downtown that you may also want to visit.

If you’ve never been to a Downtown Gallery Crawl before, it’s a great opportunity to invest in the new life happening in Downtown Monroe and mingle several hundred people who will pass through The Palace doors throughout the evening.


The Palace Gallery

The Palace Gallery presents::
Showin’ and Blowin’ Glass Art by Justin Baker

Check out Justin Baker’s work LIVE at the Palace Gallery Thursday, August 5th, 5-9pm.


Celebrate the Palace

SAVE THE DATE: The Palace is turning 1, and we’re going to celebrate big!

It’s hard to believe that The Palace has already been open for a year!  Portico Church has a weekend of events planned to help us celebrate God’s provision and to get our community involved.  Put these events on your calendar and watch for more details about how to participate:

• Downtown Cinema / Saturday, July 28th
Showing of “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.” Movie starts at dark.
• The Palace Ride & Pancake Breakfast / Sunday, July 29th at 8:30am
A group bike ride for all ages and stages of riders, with proceeds benefiting ARCO, a local non-proift that serves children and adults with developmental disabilities.  This 10-mile ride will start at The Palace Park and end with a free pancake breakfast at The Palace.
• Portico Church Sunday Gathering / Sunday, July 29th at 6pm
A special night of worship and celebration, followed by a cook-out in The Palace Park.