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June Gallery Crawl – Volunteers Needed


Do you enjoy talking with new people? Does conversation come easily to you? Or maybe you’ve got the gift of hospitality and find it valuable to help people feel welcome?

If so, the Creative Team would love to have you help us host at the upcoming Gallery Crawls. You don’t even have to know a thing about art! Our team leader will get you briefed and ready for the event. During each Art Crawl,400-500 visitor pass through The Palace.  Most of those visitor rarely ask about the art but are unusually curious about The Palace and Portico Church, often wanting tours of the building or a better understanding of why we’re located downtown. It’s a great opportunity to meet folks and share about our Death to Life vision.

The next Gallery Crawl is Thursday, June 6th from 5-9pm. If you’d like to serve a shift with us, email Libby at

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Wednesday Community Group Volleyball

Wednesday night community group is meeting at the ULM Volleyball Courts for a fun active night and we would love for everyone to join us!

When: Wednesday, May 29
Time: 5:30
Place: ULM Volleyball Courts

Bring a brown bag supper and come join us!  We are providing the volleyball and water.

Living Proof LIVE with Beth Moore


Living Proof LIVE with Beth Moore
Saturday, Aug 24
CenturyLink Center
Shreveport, LA

A group of women from Portico Church and the community will travel to Shreveport to experience Living Proof LIVE with Beth Moore.  There will be a sign up sheet in the lobby. Please let us know if you are interested. Brochures are also available in the lobby.

Sign up on Sunday nights or contact Patricia.

I don’t know….can I?

As a follower of Jesus, how do you know if you can or can’t do something? Well, sure, sometimes it’s really easy because the Scriptures specifically say so. But what about all those other times? What about when the Scriptures are absolutely silent on the subject?

For instance, can girls wear two piece swimming suits? Is it ok to see an “R” rated movie? Does God care if you have a beer with your pizza? And, whether you say, “Yes” or “No,” how are you to relate to those who say otherwise?

Well, Romans 14 addresses those questions (plus a lot more) and that will be our subject matter this coming Sunday. I encourage you to read the entire chapter every day this week. Then plan to be at The Palace Sunday at 6p as Portico Church gathers. I guarantee you it’s going to be good because God’s Word is good!

See ya Sunday!

Who Knew Meetings Could Be So Productive?!?


With just a few days until our quarterly Volunteer Staff Meeting, you may be feeling a little “meeting anxiety.” You know – that looming feeling of “oh-no! Not another M-E-E-T-I-N-G!”

Waste of Time.

Never Fear! This Sunday morning’s events promise to change your perspective about “meetings.”

At 10:00 AM the Volunteer Staff of The Portico Church will gather at The Palace for a shared brunch and warm conversation. After filling up on tasty morsels – buckle your seat belt, because you are in for a ride.

This meeting will be fast-paced and having you wondering where the brakes are.

1. We will hear from The Elders about where God is leading our fellowship.

2. Ministry Leaders will give a quick update on how things are going and where you can help.

3. If you use the internet you may be interested to hear Melissa Hill unpack The Portico Church’s use of social media and website.

4. Wrap all that up with a healthy dose of corporate prayer and you have yourself a heck-of-a –good-time. Everything you want to know about what’s happening at The Portico Church – in under 2 hours (money-back-guarantee).

So, keep calm and enjoy the meeting. See you Sunday morning.

~ Chris Ramsey

*If you or someone you know is suffering from “meeting anxiety” seek help immediately from one of the many therapists in our fellowship or talk to Chris Ramsey.

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Downtown Cinema Presents: Field of Dreams

downtown cinema

Downtown Cinema is showing Field of Dreams. Free movie, free popcorn, free water on a huge outdoor screen.

Saturday, May 25th
The Palace Park
220 Desiard St
Downtown Monroe

Want to volunteer?  Contact Adam McDonald.

The Art and Music Campaign This Saturday

Seven is greater than one… The Portico body lives and breathes this. We are a church outside of the walls. Seven days a week. But the walls are there. And those walls, The Palace, are beginning to breathe the same air as the church that it hosts. Saturday night weddings. Thursday night art galleries. Monday business conferences. Friday dinner parties. Sunday meetings and Sunday night worship. Wednesday corporate events. Birthdays. Dance classes. Wedding and baby showers. Concerts. Movies. The Palace is alive and active.

This is our chance to give The Palace what it needs to support the life inside its walls and the downtown community that surrounds it. We were blessed to be able to borrow the tech gear that we are currently using and we are grateful. And by purchasing new gear we are allowed to do a few things. We will be able to better do what we are already doing. We will be able to do even more. We will be able to return what was lent to us in good condition and in good faith. And the doors of creativity will swing wide open for music and art projects.

Come in support this Saturday. Bring your friends and let us show them a good time. Donate more if you are able. We are also in need of volunteers, so please text Melissa Roose at 318.348.4729

See you there!

~Jason Strader

Bringing His Kingdom to earth… Right where we are


Two weeks ago, I was in a far off land, having an experience that I’m struggling to wrap my own head around and am even more unsure of how to help my friends grasp.  To be honest, I’ve had more than a few emotional cracks this week.  Those are due less to the “culture shock” that I’ve heard many international travelers and missionaries speak of and more to the fact that I’ve seen some crazy stuff and am not sure where that’s supposed to go now.  And by “crazy stuff” I mean things that can only be explained by God’s involvement in peoples lives.  Things that make sense existing alongside things that are far from making sense.  Some things that are so everyday and mundane that if I told you, you’d look at me confused and say, “Libby, there’s nothing super special about that” but still there was for me. Things that are part of a way of life far, far different from the hustle and bustle I’ve too eagerly stepped back into here. 

Multiple times a day, I find myself lost in thought about all of it.  And “thought” is probably a far too articulate word choice.  “Lost in a big ball of mess” is a much better descriptor. 

However, in that big mess I’m currently swimming in, there’s one set of things that I’m sure of.  One set of lessons that God made very clear to me during the 3 months I spent in Rwanda.  They are serving as my compass right now and are just as applicable here in Monroe for me and for you as they were when I was learning them in that far-off land of Rwanda. I’m excited to share them with you this Sunday as Portico Church gathers together. 

Yes, I’ll throw in a few minutes of basic Rwanda-time info, like what Peace House is up to and how I didn’t learn to carry a single thing on my head like the Rwandan women do. Yes, I’m going to tell you GOOD stories of God turning death into life. But no, I don’t want to just give you a “mission report” on Sunday night.  I’m planning for us to unpack God’s Word together and wrestle with how we bring His Kingdom to earth here, right where we are.  Because that’s a mission we’ve all been given.

 The Peace House girls’ products will be available again this Sunday in the lobby from 4-6pm.

~ Libby