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The Power of a Letter


There is something special about the feel of paper in your hands as your read words written in ink from a person you love.  Letters seem to speak louder and more clearly than other forms of communication.  They endure time and resonate deep emotions (I still have love notes from Valerie dating back nearly 20 years ago) .

At different points in my life I have been moved by a letter.
A love letter from my fiancé.
A handwritten card from my mom.
An unexpected note from a friend.

Each of these correspondences has led me to experience powerful emotions and reassure me of simple truths.
The right words at just the right time.

Enter Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

With pen and paper The Great Apostle writes a letter to some dear friends that resonates deep feeling and solid truth for where they found themselves – in life and the faith.

As you read his words it may be easy to miss the emotional connection and sincerity with which Paul must have written.

So imagine yourself in a similar situation.  You find yourself exiled from your friends and family -far away from the comforts of the familiar.  You have no means of communicating with those concerned about your well-being, except through… letters.  So you take up pen and paper.  And write.  You write feverously to the ones who mean the most to you.  Pen striking paper with quick and intentional strokes.  But what do you say?  With limited space and ink your words must cut to the heart of the matter and you must be clear about your message.  So, you write from the heart:  sincere sentiment and clear-as-day-truths.

This Sunday evening at 6:00 PM, the Portico Church will begin a teaching series entitled: “This, Not That: Living Life in the Rescue” which will examine the core of Paul’s letter to his friends while in prison.  The message is simple yet profound.  The letter is filled with contract: light and dark, abandon and adoption, this – not that.  As we get started, you’re invited to open the letter before Sunday and read – experience the power of a letter for yourself.

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Peace House ministries partnership

On September 22, Chris Shelby will be sharing with us what God is doing through Peace House ministries in Rwanda. As many of you already know, several in our community have partnered with Peace House in short term and long term missions in the past.
For anyone interested in visiting with and hearing from Chris in a more informal setting, or if you desire to partner in this ministry in prayer or any other capacity, there will be a dinner at the Mathew’s home on Saturday, September 21. Come at 5:30 and join us for an evening of fellowship and pancakes! We do ask that you RSVP so that enough food can be prepared. Email Melissa Shelby by Thursday the 19th, please.




The Portico Church is teeming with “death to life” stories as God works through ordinary people just like us.
Sunday, October 20, 2013

10:00:00 AM

Join us on October 20th for a casual pot-luck brunch and exciting conversation around what God is up to within our church.
You will hear the latest news regarding the Elder selection process, our church’s paid staffer, the winter church-wide retreat and numerous other evolutionary developments within our fellowship.
If you want to stay in the know and have your voice heard, then invest a few hours on a Sunday morning at The HUB.

The HUB has become the most effective means of communicating church vision, events and shared experience. The goal of each HUB is to provide dedicated time and space for our church to gather together in unity to hear from one another, capture a shared direction and address critical needs.
For those who would like to take advantage of free childcare, please sign up in the lobby so we can secure the appropriate amount of care-givers that morning.
All questions can be directed to Chris Ramsey