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Children of the Light by Chris Ramsey

This past Sunday night’s gathering of The Portico Church at The Palace was punctuated by a study of Ephesians chapter 5:1-8.

The passage instructs Christ-Followers to mimic God just like little children imitate their parents. 
What does God do that we are to imitate? 


Take a look at the passage again and soak in the beauty of The Great Rescue and our God who fathers us so relentlessly. 

Also, the passage uncovers 6 behaviors that are “improper” and “out of place” for God’s dearly loved children. Time did not permit us an exhaustive study of these lifestyles labeled “idolatry” so I would like to offer a few resources for your consideration: 

Check out Timothy Keller’s sermons entitled, 
“Love and Lust”
“Sexuality and the Christian Hope”
“How Sin Makes Us an Addict.”

You can find these talks on iTunes for free. They greatly aided my understanding of how God created sex and how anything that takes the place of God in my life is an Idol.

As you live your everyday life this week – working, studying, parenting, relaxing- consider ways you can mimic your Papa:

Love extravagantly. 

Lay aside your rights and position to serve others.

Point your entire life course in the direction of Love.

“You were once in Darkness, but now you are Light
Live as Children of the Light.”

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