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Wanna catch a movie?

248053_558187180871220_131667505_nI love movies. I always have.

I have an inordinate amount of movie quotes bouncing around in my head at any given time. That could be part of the reason that Downtown Cinema is so important to me. The premise is simple: we show a movie for free on a huge outdoor screen, offer free popcorn and water, invite the whole town and see who shows up. This event has grown so much over the last 5 years that it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. At any given showing, we have between 150 and 200 people. We have over 850 “likes” on our Facebook page. Who are these people? I honestly don’t know most of them, but that’s the beauty of this whole thing. All kinds of people from all walks of life come to our Downtown Cinema showings and they really enjoy themselves. It’s still bizarre to me to look out onto lawn of the Palace Park an hour before showtime and see 100 people.

The Downtown Cinema team feels honored to play a s mall part in helping revitalize Downtown Monroe. These events are a huge opportunity for us to show our hospitality and care for the people of our community. They always come smiling and they always have questions: Who puts this on? What’s this building used for? Is this really free? You mean I can have all the popcorn I want? The opportunities for conversations are endless.

I encourage each member of our church community to make an effort to come see it for yourself and help us reach out. We’re not handing out tracts or even having deep conversations but you’d be surprised just how far a warm smile and welcome can go. So this Saturday, come for the movie, come for popcorn, but also come for the people. It’s crazy how something as simple as a movie can open so many doors.

~ Adam McDonald

Downtown Cinema presents: The Lion King
480211_571376216218983_445292834_nSaturday, June 29th 7:30pm (movie starts at dark)
 Bring your own seating
 Visit for more info.
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Time of Prayer

prayerWe are starting a new time of prayer!  On the SECOND SUNDAY of every month we will meet at 2:00 pm at the Palace to pray over the upcoming service and needs in our Portico family.  We hope this will allow for some un-rushed time to pray and thank God for how He is moving at Portico. The first one will be June 9th.  Please come if you can and invite anyone you like!  (Questions?  Please email Shannon at

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Come “Paint-by-Numbers” at the Downtown Gallery Crawl on Thursday


Come out this Thursday night for “Paint-by-Numbers,”

The Palace Gallery’s portion of the Downtown Gallery Crawl.

Just as the name suggests, you and other crawl participants will help create an outdoor mural based on the old paint-by-number concept.  We’ll be set up from 5-9pm outside The Palace. While you’re downtown, go ahead and visit the 11 other galleries that participate in the crawls.

It’s a great opportunity to meet folks!


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The Gift of Hospitality


The Hospitality Group (formerly known as the Sunday Night Engagement Group) is looking for people who feel they have the gift of hospitality!

We are looking for individuals who have the heart and gifted in meeting, greeting, and making our visitors feel welcomed and comfortable at Portico. You would help greet visitor before service as well as be there afterwards to help them get connected on what Portico has to offer over the following week. Not only are we looking for people with the heart to welcome our visitors, but we’re also looking for people who have a heart to better serve and invest in the needs of our own Portico family. This might look like making a meal for a family who is sick or had a baby, plan play date with a family you don’t know as well, invite someone over for dinner, etc. There are so many creative ways that we can be hospitable and loving to our guests and our Portico family. If making others feel welcomed and loved is your gift we would appreciate bringing your skills and creativity to our group!!!

If you’re interested or need more information contact Rachel Peterson cell: 318.614.2421 email:

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June Gallery Crawl – Volunteers Needed


Do you enjoy talking with new people? Does conversation come easily to you? Or maybe you’ve got the gift of hospitality and find it valuable to help people feel welcome?

If so, the Creative Team would love to have you help us host at the upcoming Gallery Crawls. You don’t even have to know a thing about art! Our team leader will get you briefed and ready for the event. During each Art Crawl,400-500 visitor pass through The Palace.  Most of those visitor rarely ask about the art but are unusually curious about The Palace and Portico Church, often wanting tours of the building or a better understanding of why we’re located downtown. It’s a great opportunity to meet folks and share about our Death to Life vision.

The next Gallery Crawl is Thursday, June 6th from 5-9pm. If you’d like to serve a shift with us, email Libby at

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Women’s Bible Study


This women’s bible study will meet in on Tuesday nights in homes in various homes.  Please contact Patricia Cameron for more details!