Maundy Thursday: “Remember Me & Missed Moments”

Read: Luke 22:7-65
Jesus woke up on Earth for the last time today. He had survived the gauntlet of staged questions and failed murder attempts. Today would be filled with the joy of celebrating the highly-anticipated Passover meal and the gut-wrenching expectation of facing what He was predestined to bear: The Cross. Along the way, we find his closest friends yet again clueless as to what is going on around them and most certainly clueless about what was going on with Jesus. Watch them bicker around the Passover table about who’s more important than whom. Listen to their snores as Jesus requests their assistance in the Garden of Gethsemane. They simply don’t get it. After all this time with Jesus, hearing His words and watching His magnificent life, they miss the moment.
Yet notice His intentionality – His determination. Their failures don’t throw Him off course. Their lack of showing up doesn’t affect His. Their cluelessness to His needs doesn’t deter Him from continually meeting theirs. He washes their feet (the job of the slaves). He even offers them a way to cope with their grief when He is gone. He consistently is meeting their needs and is unmoved from His mission: to Rescue the world through His Death.
As you read the passage consider:
1. Consider the emotional and psychological affects upon Jesus as he bears all of this
(i.e. conspiracies, enemies, betrayal, and anticipation of execution). How does he not
turn and run?
2. How could His friends have missed it so badly today? Didn’t they know what was
going on… how important today was? How desperately He needed them.
3. Think about times when you have “missed the moment” in your relationship with others
when they needed you? Think about times when you have missed the moment with
Jesus? Talk with Jesus about those times.

Meet with The Portico Church @ The Palace tonight at 6:00 for a special memorial service in remembrance of Christ’s Sacrifice.


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