Wednesday: “Betrayal”

Read: Luke 22:1-6 & Matthew 26:1-5, 14-16
The Leaders were getting nowhere with their public debates with Jesus and it seemed that the His popularity and legend was growing. When the Leaders abandoned their public plot they devised a much more devastating plan: find a mole on the inside of Jesus’ inner circle. It was an ingenious plan. But surely none of the men or women who had been with Jesus for any length of time would sell him out, right? The Leaders found just the person they were looking for in Judas. You may know this part of the story well, but think less about why Judas took the bribe to betray Jesus or how greedy he must have been to do this and consider the relational blow this might have been to Jesus.
Here He was fending off spies and threats and failed murder attempts, only to be sold out by one of His best friends. Judas knew Jesus. They had eaten together, walked miles side by side and shared in some fantastic adventures together. This was the knife-in-the-back moment that the Prophets had predicted.
Today the plan to murder Jesus would go from idea to implementation. Judas was the secret weapon that would finally bring down this Preacher from Galilee.
Tonight would be the last full night’s sleep Jesus would get while on Earth. As you read the passage consider:

1. Why would Judas do this thing? (i.e. Money? Doubt? To force Jesus’ hand as a
political revolutionary? Or something else?)

2. It’s easy to demonize Judas. To point fingers and be appalled by his betrayal, yet
the old hymn states of us, “Prone to wander, Lord I feel it. Prone to leave the God I
love…” Consider your own heart and how easily you “betray” Jesus. What have you
been willing to sell Him out for?

3. Spend some time talking with Jesus about your own capacity for infidelity and


One thought on “Wednesday: “Betrayal”

  1. William Riddle says:

    I am not sure who the author of these essays are, but please: Keep at it. They, like Christ, are beautiful and worthy of our full embrace.

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