Tuesday: “Traps & Teachings”

Read: Luke 20:20-26
Since His coming-out-of-hiding on Sunday and then His invasion of the Temple Courts on Monday, the political and religious climate of Jerusalem had become a boiling pot. The Leaders looked for some way to trap Jesus in his words so they could turn him over to be done away with. (Think high level presidential campaign: “gather dirt on this guy and bring him down.”) They had suffered enough of this would-be-Messiah. They send spies to dupe Jesus, but He answers their prepared trap with some of his most cunning responses yet. He turns them on their heads by masterfully avoiding the trap and turning their own words against them. Brilliant! Afterwards, they are left “silent”. No more would the Leaders attempt to take Jesus out by rhetoric or cognitive snares. From now on, it would be murder on their minds.

As you read the passage consider:

1. What must Jesus have been feeling and thinking as he faced his enemies and their devised trick questions?

2. How does the “Jesus” of Monday and Tuesday compare to your normal picture of Him?

3. Make a list to compare and contrast how you normally view Jesus with what these specific passages from Scripture (Sunday through Tuesday) say about Him. What similarities do you see? Differences?

How I normally view Jesus:

What the Bible Says about Him:


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