The Art and Music Campaign This Saturday

Seven is greater than one… The Portico body lives and breathes this. We are a church outside of the walls. Seven days a week. But the walls are there. And those walls, The Palace, are beginning to breathe the same air as the church that it hosts. Saturday night weddings. Thursday night art galleries. Monday business conferences. Friday dinner parties. Sunday meetings and Sunday night worship. Wednesday corporate events. Birthdays. Dance classes. Wedding and baby showers. Concerts. Movies. The Palace is alive and active.

This is our chance to give The Palace what it needs to support the life inside its walls and the downtown community that surrounds it. We were blessed to be able to borrow the tech gear that we are currently using and we are grateful. And by purchasing new gear we are allowed to do a few things. We will be able to better do what we are already doing. We will be able to do even more. We will be able to return what was lent to us in good condition and in good faith. And the doors of creativity will swing wide open for music and art projects.

Come in support this Saturday. Bring your friends and let us show them a good time. Donate more if you are able. We are also in need of volunteers, so please text Melissa Roose at 318.348.4729

See you there!

~Jason Strader


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